ITES-SW Contracts


As of 2 July 2018, no new CoN requests will be accepted by NETCOM. The new process is Risk Management Framework (RMF). All CoNs will remain valid until its expiration date. Army customers must adhere to Army policy as well as any local policies and procedures in place to ensure they are able to connect software purchased to the Army’s network. For questions concerning the sunset of the CoN program, please contact NETCOM: or 520-538-6907 (Hours of Operation: 0730-1530 Arizona Time, Mon-Fri)

Effective 7 NOV 2017, the ITES-SW ceiling has increased by $130,000,000 from $49,000,000 to $179,000,000. The ceiling increase applies to the following vendors:

W52P1J-15-D-0006 - Four Inc.
W52P1J-15-D-0007 - Immix Technology
W52P1J-15-D-0008 - Carahsoft Technology Corporation

For clarity purposes, the combined total maximum dollar value of supplies that the Government may acquire under the suite of ITES-SW contracts is $179,000,000.

At market research phase, and prior to submitting an RFQ, all Ordering Contracting Officers must obtain email approval for orders over $500,000.00 from the Base Contracting Officer, Army Contracting Command - Rock Island, in order to officially solicit the ITES-SW suite.

Email your request to:

Subject Line: ITES-SW Order Approval


The scope of the Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Software contract includes COTS software products and related services that have obtained a full Certificate of Networthiness (CoN), have been through the Risk Management Framework process or are listed on an approved DoD program applicable under the following categories

IT Utility & Security

Network administration tools, firewalls, backups, security tools, encryption tools, password managers, file compression, registry tools, test and document editors, data mining, decision support systems, asset and inventory management, and handheld software.

Modeling & Simulation

Software that facilitates a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. This catalog includes: numerical analysis, statistical, GIS software, games/gaming, 3D modeling, and mapping software.

Multimedia & Design

Software used for graphic design, multimedia development, specialized image development, general image editing, or to access graphic files. This catalog includes: 3D drawing, computer aided dispatch (CAD), digital photography applications, animation creation, illustration, image editing, font tools, authoring tools, desktop publishing, graphics, and label makers (CD & paper).

Program & Development

Software that assists in the development of software applications. This catalog includes: editors, compilers, parsers, interpreters, loaders, programming libraries, documentation tools, testing environments, application creation, and web design.

Ordering is Open to the Army.

Requests for software under ITES-SW are submitted via the CHESS RFQ tool, but first check the Software Agreements to ensure there is not an ELA or DOD ESI Agreement for the product. Specific ordering instructions regarding ELA's and ESI agreements are provided in the contract documentation. Click here for a list of ELA and ESI Agreements.

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Vendor Catalog Business Type
Four Inc. W52P1J-15-D-0006     Open New Window  Four Inc. Catalog
Small Business Icon Small Business
Immix Technology W52P1J-15-D-0007     Open New Window  Immix Technology Catalog
Large Business Icon Large Business
Carahsoft Technology Corporation W52P1J-15-D-0008     Open New Window  Carahsoft Technology Corporation Catalog
Large Business Icon Large Business