A HQDA CIO/G-6 (formerly DISC4) policy (Acquiring Commercially Available Software) appoints CHESS as the Army's Software Product Manager (SPM). In this capacity, CHESS has the responsibility of managing the DOD and Army Enterprise Software Agreements (ESAs). HQDA CIO/G-6 delegated CHESS Statement of Non-Availability authority if the ESA cannot meet the user's requirement. The policy states CHESS, as the designated Army SPM, must respond to the requester in three days with ESA pricing information and is allowed thirty days to provide a better quote, if applicable. If a better quote cannot be provided or the software product requested is not on an ESA, the user is granted a Statement of Non-Availability for an alternative acquisition method. It is recommended the user initially go through the DOD web site to request information: This way the request is recorded and the ESA Product Leader will be notified. If you need additional information prior to accessing the DOD ESI site, email and an Army ESA Team Member will contact you. If the user's requirement is mission critical, or there is an accelerated schedule to meet, the Army ESA Team Member will work to negotiate the delivery as needed. Consolidating requirements within your own command/agency is encouraged and may provide greater discounts. If your requirement is small and you are trying to achieve a larger discount, inform the Army ESA Team to hold your request for bundling into a larger requirement. You can do this by going through the DOD ESI web site: or by clicking on the Acquiring Commercially Available Software link below and providing details of the software you wish to be included in the bundle. These bundled requirements could provide for a deeper discount. If an enterprise agreement does not exist for your specific needs, please provide the product information and projected future requirements to the: site. As always, please feel free to contact the Army ESA Team if you have any questions. You may contact the CHESS Support Team at (888) 232-4405, or any one of the Army ESA Team members. Or visit the DOD Enterprise Software Initiative Working Group website at: