Training and Tutorials

FY24 CHESS Event Schedule

Date Event Location Presenter
13-May-24 Conference AFCEA Belvoir Industry Day - Alexandria, VA Stacy Watson
16-May-24 CHESS 101 Briefing MS Teams Mitsuko Coulby
18-Jul-24 CHESS 101 Briefing MS Teams Gerald Lebel
19-Sep-24 CHESS 101 Briefing MS Teams Denisesha Moore

Event Details

New to CHESS? Start by learning the fundamentals of the CHESS Program. The CHESS 101 Briefing provides a program overview including detailed information about our Hardware, Software, and Services contracts. Get additional information about the License Tracker for Software (LTS), the RF Process, Statements of Non-Availability, and much more! Learn how to streamline IT procurement by logging into our Bi-monthly Teleconference Sessions. To register Click Here.

If you're ready to learn how your command or organization can do more with CHESS, you're in the right place! The tutorials listed below can help you get started with your procurement. Looking for a more personalized training session that suits your needs? To schedule a Free Training session for your command Click Here.