Products and Prices

Per CIO/G-6 memo below, effective immediately, all Army organizations should adhere to the following to maximize efficient spending while meeting Windows 10 SHB-A requirements: (a) aggregate Consolidated Buy purchases at the highest levels possible, (b) avoid purchasing end-point devices with unnecessary features and utilize minimum specifications, and (c) use CHESS's Reverse Auction tool.

Life Cycle Replacement Memo


There are three pricing options for each CB product category: CONUS, Named OCONUS and Remote OCONUS. The geographic locations covered by each are defined below:

  • CONUS (CLIN AA): The 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia
  • Named OCONUS(CLIN AB): Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Turkey, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and the Netherlands
  • Remote OCONUS (CLIN AC): OCONUS locations that are not listed under CONUS or Named OCONUS

CB-29 Contract Modifications: