Statement of Non-Availability (SoNA)

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A Statement of Non-Availability (SoNA) is a notice that a particular product is not currently available through a CHESS contract. It is NOT a waiver to purchase, nor does it authorize use on the Army network. Hardware: Use the CHESS RFQ Tool to send a Request for Quote (RFQ) to the ITES-3H or Mobility Services vendors (depending on the scope of the requirement). This is required for SoNA approval. Software: First, check if your product is offered through an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) on the Software Agreements page. Then, use the CHESS RFQ Tool to send a RFQ to the ITES-SW2 vendors. The final step is to check the Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) BPAs, also listed on the Software Agreements page. Contact the vendor to verify product availability or visit the DOD ESI Software Agreements page. Services: Use the CHESS RFx Tool to send a Request for information (RFI) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the ITES-3S vendors. This is required for SoNA approval.
Received Lower Price Quote
Before soliciting quotes outside of CHESS, you are strongly encouraged to first submit RFQs to CHESS vendors. If you received a CHESS quote that is higher than a non-CHESS vendor quote for product(s) available through CHESS Hardware and Software contracts: STEP 1: You are encouraged to go back to the CHESS vendor(s) to negotiate lower pricing or price match. If lower pricing or price match cannot be met by the CHESS vendor(s). STEP 2: Submit for a CHESS SoNA (Note: The SoNA will be rejected as CHESS does not issue Statements of Non-Availability based on lower price. The rejected SoNA can be used to obtain an ITAS waiver.) Lower Price Feedback Form: If you have received a lower price quote from a non-CHESS contract vehicle/vendor, please complete the form (link below) and the appropriate contract manager will contact you within 3-5 business days. We might be able to assist with finding a better price that meets current rules and regulations.
Information Assurance (IA) Products
Verify that your product and version is listed on the DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Product List (DOD UC APL) For Information Assurance (IA) or IA enabled products not listed on the UC APL contact the HQDA CIO/G-6 Cyber Directorate Tools Management Team at for additional guidance prior to requesting a CHESS Statement of Non-Availability.
Request a SoNA
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