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News Release: ITES-3H Contract Extended for 14 Additional Months
FORT BELVOIR, Virginia – The Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) office, in coordination with Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI), awarded a contract extension for Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 3 Hardware (ITES-3H) on February 21, 2021. Under the contract extension, the ITES-3H contract vehicle has been extended 14 additional months. Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.216-22(d) has also been revised via contract modification from "80 days" to "36 months" Ordering is open to Army, DOD and other federal agencies. The scope of ITES-3H includes the purchase and lease of commercial Unix based servers, non-Unix-based servers, desktops, notebooks, workstations, thin clients, storage systems, networking equipment (including wireless), network printers, product ancillaries (including equipment cabinets, racks and mounts), peripherals (including monitors), network cabling products, video teleconferencing (VTC) products, standalone displays (e.g., plasma screens, high-definition televisions), scanners, everything over internet protocol (EoIP) products, communication devices, power devices, software provided as part of the end-to-end solution (includes enterprise software agreements (ESA), non-ESA, SmartBUY and non-SmartBUY), warranty variations, and other related incidental services, accessories and options. The contract extension applies to all 17 prime vendors on contract. This extension of the ordering period is intended to bridge the Army’s ability to purchase hardware until the follow-on Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 4 Hardware (ITES-4H) suite of contracts are awarded. According to Wayne Sok, product lead for CHESS, “The extension will allow Army customers uninterrupted access to this important hardware vehicle at no fee and continue to process orders through CHESS's online request for quotation tool on the CHESS IT e-mart website.”
ITES-SW2 Awarded!
FORT BELVOIR, Virginia. – The Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) office in coordination with Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI) awarded Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2), a $13 billion firm-fixed price Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract vehicle, August 31, 2020. The Army Contracting Command received 32 bids for the ITES-SW2 solicitation and awarded 31 contracts. ITES-SW2 is specifically designed as the primary source to support the Army enterprise Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and info-structure goals by leveraging Commercially available-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software products and maintenance in 14 product categories in addition to related incidental services and hardware. These 14 categories align with the major software categories identified by U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM). Ordering on ITES-SW2 will begin after the phase-in period. The software catalogs are: Audio & Visual Business & Finance Communication Database Education Internet Modeling & Simulation Multimedia & Design NetOps Office Suite Operating Systems Programming & Development IT Utility & Security Specialized
Only ADMC-3 Vendors catalog items are what is listed in the CB Compare Tool. Undefined Desktop CLIN, Undefined Notebook CLIN, and Undefined Tablet CLIN may be utilized to purchase different models of these devices that are not currently listed/available in the CB. The Within Scope CLIN may be utilized to purchase ancillary items (e.g., DVI to HDMI adapters, Fiber optic NICs, etc.) HOWEVER, the sum of the Undefined Desktop, Undefined Notebook, Undefined Tablet, and Within Scope CLINs shall not exceed 10% of the total price of the Delivery Order. Items that are not available through the ADMC-3 contract and don’t fit the requirements for the “Undefined or Within Scope CLINs” within ADMC-3, may be procured through the ITES-3H contract vehicle only after a CB Exception Memo has been executed. ADMC-3 Requests for quote (RFQ) would ONLY be required to be submitted to all ADMC-3 vendors using the RFQ Tool for orders that exceed the SAT (currently at $250k). Step 1 - Search CB for items Step 2- Evaluate order to decide if Undefined or Within Scope CLINs can be used Step 3- Initiate a CB Exception Memo Step 4 -Submit a RFQ to ITES-3H contract Step 5 -Submit a SoNA Step 6 - Request ITAS Waiver Step 7- Purchase Outside of CHESS Click the link below to access the Consolidated Buy.
Reverse Auction Now Available!
Need to meet your Reverse Auction goal? Tired of Reverse Auction fees affecting cost-savings? Try the NEW Reverse Auction capability on the CHESS IT e-mart with NO FEE! Located under RFx on the main menu bar. For additional questions or to attend a Reverse Auction training contact Tricia Shelley at
ADMC-3 Designated Best in Class IT Contracts for Federal Government!
CHESS is pleased to announce the designation of Army Desktop and Mobile Computing – 3 (ADMC-3) as a “Best in Class” (BIC) IT contract by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The BIC-designated IT contracts represent preferred government-wide solutions and provide a unique opportunity to leverage the government’s buying power. The BIC designation allows acquisition experts to take advantage of pre-vetted, government-wide contract solutions; supports a government-wide migration to solutions that are mature and market-proven; assists in the optimization of spend, within the government-wide category management framework; and increases the transactional data available for agency level and government-wide analysis of buying behavior.
PEO EIS Lunch and Learn Session: CHESS 101
On 22 APR 2021, CHESS Product Lead Wayne Sok provided a CHESS 101 Executive Overview Brief during the April PEO EIS Lunch and Learn, on how Army CHESS is supporting Army policies, directives, and activities. Participants were briefed on the CHESS Program?to include?detailed information about our policies, hardware, software, services’ contracts, as well as new guidance and procedures on COTS IT procurements and ITES-3S implementation. Slides from the Lunch and Learn session can be found at the link below.
CHESS Recent Publications
CHESS Product Lead Talks Category Management and Supply Chain Risk Management at the PSC Virtual Roundtable
On Feb. 24, 2021 Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Product Lead (PL), Wayne Sok, spoke at the Professional Services Council (PSC) Virtual Roundtable. Mr. Sok briefed council members on CHESS’s continuous efforts to support the Army’s goal for Category Management (CM); through Consolidated Buy periods, and how the product office is minimizing the threat to the supply chain through “built in” specific contract clauses, policies, and requirements within the CHESS contract vehicles. During the discussion, council members were briefed on emerging contracting issues, CHESS authority, and provided a CHESS program overview. Slides from the discussion can be found at the link below.
Consolidated Buy 31 Performance Review
The CB 31 Performance Review is a semi-annual report that highlights the governments purchase cycle for commodity purchases of COTS IT hardware through the ADMC-2 CB 31 period.
Acquisition Gateway Best-in-Class (BIC) Value Proposition Fact Sheet
The Acquisition Gateway published the segment "How can I best meet my requirements?" that contains a collection of Value Proposition Fact Sheets. These documents give a brief overview of how the solution can help agencies meet their BIC goals. Click the link to learn more about CHESS' BIC value proposition.
PS Magazine
PS Magazine's August 2018 issue features CHESS and provides a how to guide on registering for an account on the CHESS IT e-mart.
Upcoming CHESS Trainings
18 Mar - CHESS 101 Briefing 20 May - CHESS 101 Briefing 15 Jul - CHESS 101 Briefing Interested in any of the above trainings? Register at the link below.