Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Software 2

Program Name: ITES-SW2 Vendor: Epoch Concepts, Inc
8920 Barrons Boulevard
Suite 100
Highlands RanchCO 80129
Award Date: 31 Aug 2020      
Contract Number: W52P1J-20-D-0050 UEI: Business Type: Large Business Expiration Date: 30 Aug 2030

Primary Goods and Services: ITES-SW2 includes COTS IT software products in the following 14 catalogs: Audio & Visual, Business & Finance, Communication, Database, Education, Internet, Modeling & Simulation, Multimedia & Design, NetOps, Office Suite, Operating Systems, Programming & Development, IT Utility & Security, and Specialized. ITES-SW2 also allows customers to fulfill a total solution requirement by adding related incidental services and/or hardware.

Ordering Open To: Army,DoD and other Federal Agencies

Ordering Instructions:

Requests for software under ITES-SW2 are submitted via theCHESS RFQ or RA tools. Army customers must follow the software order ofprecedence which is: Joint Enterprise License Agreements (JELAs), EnterpriseLicense Agreements (ELAs) and Core Enterprise Technology Agreements (CETAs),first. Then, depending on the acquisition strategy, Army customers may utilizethe ITES-SW2 contracts or DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) BlanketPurchase Agreements (BPAs). Army customers arerequired to submit and receive a Command-level ITAS approval for all ITpurchases to facilitate Army tracking of IT Spend. In addition, if Army customerswish to purchase outside of CHESS they must obtain a Statement ofNon-availability from CHESS and a HQDA-level ITAS Approval. Note thatpurchasing from a J/ELA, CETA or DOD ESI BPA is considered purchasing throughCHESS. See the CHESS FAQ page for further information.

Points of Contact


CHESS Customer Support Team



Program Manager, Contracts Manager
Stephanie Bortz
Phone: (703) 727-4724


ACC-RI Contracting Specialist
Wendy McFee
Phone: (309) 782-2248