Services Contracts

ITES-3S Contracts
The ITES-3S contracts are the Army’s preferred source for the purchase of a full range of services and solutions within CONUS and OCONUS. The IT services solutions include but are not limited to the following Task Areas: Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Information Systems Security, Information Assurance, Information Technology Services, (CAD/CAE/CAM), Development, Software/Middleware Development, Enterprise Design Integration and Consolidation, Education/Training, Program/Project Management, Systems Operation and Maintenance and Network Support. Ordering is open to Army, DoD and other Federal Agencies.
ACCENT Contracts
ACCENT provides all Department of Defense (DoD) organizations with an ordering vehicle to procure commercial cloud hosting capabilities and technical support to transition enterprise systems/applications to a commercial cloud environment. All DoD organizations are authorized to execute task orders under the ACCENT BOAs. The ACCENT ordering vehicle includes services and solutions necessary for DoD organizations to satisfy requirements to migrate enterprise systems/applications to commercial cloud service providers. Commercial cloud services will be acquired based on approved Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) (i.e., those with a DoD Provisional Authorization). The DISA Cloud Computing website that contains the DISA Cloud Catalog serves as the “authoritative source” for available and valid DoD PAs. ACCENT will also enable capability owners to modernize and transition applications to commercial cloud providers, and facilitate the acquisition of modular or mobile hosting facilities. All ordering on ACCENT must be done through the CHESS IT e-mart.