Ordering Instructions

Important Note
Shipments to California – California Environmental Fee Assessment The State of California requires the payment of an Electronic Waste Recycling Fee on all LCD monitors and laptop computers shipped to California. The fee is payable by the Government customer and must be included in the total price of the delivery order or credit card transaction at the time of purchase. Government customers shipping LCD monitors or notebooks to California are advised to contact the CHESS vendor prior to placing a delivery order or credit card purchase so that the vendor can calculate the amount of the environmental fee that will be applied to the purchase. The vendor is responsible to remit the fees to the State of the California.
CB Ordering Instructions
Step by step instructions on how to use the CHESS Consolidated Buy (CB) website to review CB products and prices, and how to proceed to award by issuing a Delivery Order or purchasing with a Credit Card.
1. On the Consolidated Buy Welcome page, click on the “Products & Prices” link. 2. Click on the “View” button for the category of equipment you want to buy. 3. Select the products within the category you want to compare. 4. The basic specifications are pre-selected. 5. Scroll down to view available options that are offered with the platform and select any upgrades. 6. End user or a Requiring activity see instructions below.
End users or requiring activities must coordinate with their local contracting office to assure that the necessary information and/or documentation, including funding documents, is provided. The CB Products and Prices comparison page can be printed and provided to the contracting office for placement in their contract file. The local contracting officer will make an award determination and issue a delivery order under one of the ADMC-3 IDIQs. Contracting Officers or Specialists review products and prices and make an award determination. To see Competition Rules, click Competition Rules in the links section below.
Contracting Officer or Specialist see instructions below Placing a Delivery Order – To obtain ADMC-3 IDIQ contract information needed for completing a delivery order, click on the link below and select the appropriate vendor link: ADMC-3 Vendor Contract Information.