General CB Information

Consolidated Buy General Information
Army organizations are required to purchase all desktop and notebook computers through the Army Consolidated Buy (CB). CBs are open for ordering three times a year: Oct/Jan, Feb/May, and Jun-Sep. Army organizations purchasing non-CB desktops and/or notebooks must have a CB Exception.
CB product delivery standard is 30 days CONUS and 35 days OCONUS after receipt of order by the vendor. Customers requiring alternate or expedited delivery must contact the vendor(s) prior to placing the order.
CONUS (CLIN AA): The 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia Named OCONUS (CLIN AB): Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Turkey, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and The Netherlands Remote OCONUS (CLIN AC): OCONUS locations that are not listed under CONUS or Named OCONUS
CB products come with a 3 year warranty. Warranty details for each vendor are provided with the CB Products and Prices. Additional information about a vendor's product is available by viewing the "Product Unique Features" also provided with the CB Products and Prices. Customers requiring different warranty coverage can contact the vendor(s) for a quote.
Options & Upgrades
CB products include a variety of options and upgrades. Products in the option/upgrade area can only be ordered with a CB base product. If there is an option or upgrade that is required and is not offered contact the vendor(s) for a quote to obtain the price of the CB computer with the unique option/upgrade included. CB computers that include unique options/upgrades are considered to be a CB purchase and do not require a CB Exception.
Monitors & Printers
Monitors and printers are offered on the CB as a convenience. The purchase of monitors and/or printers offered on the CB is NOT mandatory. Contact the vendors for quotes or information.
Army Golden Master (AGM) Software Licensing Information
CIO/G6 & ARCYBER Guidance: Army organizations are required to be in compliance with Army CIO/G-6 policies and ARCYBER OPORD dated 24 OCT 2014, SUBJECT: US Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) and Second Army Operations Order (OPORD) 2015-020 Army Golden Master (AGM) Microsoft Office 2013. CB & AGM: Army CIO/G-6 requires that desktop and notebook computers sold to Army customers by a CHESS vendor (CB and non-CB) be shipped pre-loaded with the currently approved AGM. Refer to the AGM AKO website below to determine current AGM builds. **NOTE: Army CIO/G-6 guidance pertains to all CHESS hardware contracts; ADMC-3 and ITES-3H. Army customers requiring recovery media should contact their local NEC or NEC equivalent or the AGM Support Desk at Non-AGM Inquiries: Army customers requiring a non-AGM or custom image load must assure that they are in compliance with the AGM guidance provided by Army CIO/G-6. Any customer (Army or non-Army) requiring custom image loads should coordinate the requirement with the CHESS vendor and obtain the cost for providing the service in advance of issuing a delivery order. Army customers may request a Statement of Non-Availability from CHESS to purchase computers from a non-CHESS contract when a requirement (e.g. non AGM load) cannot be met by CHESS. Statements of Non-Availability are submitted through the CHESS website. Army customers seeking a CHESS Statement of Non-Availability are advised that they should obtain a quote showing the product(s) to be purchased from the non-CHESS contract prior to submitting a CHESS Statement of Non-Availability request. The request should include a complete explanation of why the Statement of Non-Availability is being requested.