AGM Software Licensing

Army Golden Master (AGM) Software Licensing Information
CIO/G6 & ARCYBER Guidance: Army organizations are required to be in compliance with Army CIO/G-6 policies and ARCYBER OPORD dated 24 OCT 2014, SUBJECT: US Army Cyber Command ARCYBER) and Second Army Operations Order (OPORD) 2015-020 Army Golden Master (AGM) Microsoft Office 2013. Refer to Army CIO/G6 policy page: See link below. CB & AGM: Army CIO/G-6 requires that desktop and notebook computers sold to Army customers by a CHESS vendor (CB and non-CB) be shipped pre-loaded with the currently approved AGM. Refer to the AGM AKO website to determine current AGM builds( See link below. **NOTE: Army CIO/G-6 guidance pertains to all CHESS hardware contracts; ADMC-2 and ITES-3H. Army customers requiring recovery media should contact their local NEC or NEC equivalent or the AGM Support Desk at See link below. Non-AGM Inquiries: Army customers requiring a non-AGM or custom image load must assure that they are in compliance with the AGM guidance provided by Army CIO/G-6. Any customer (Army or non-Army) requiring custom image loads should coordinate the requirement with the CHESS vendor and obtain the cost for providing the service in advance of issuing a delivery order. Army customers may request a Statement of Non-Availability from CHESS to purchase computers from a non-CHESS contract when a requirement (e.g. non AGM load) cannot be met by CHESS. Statements of Non-Availability are submitted through the CHESS website. Army customers seeking a CHESS Statement of Non-Availability are advised that they should obtain a quote showing the product(s) to be purchased from the non-CHESS contract prior to submitting a CHESS Statement of Non-Availability request. The request should include a complete explanation of why the Statement of Non-Availability is being requested.