Database Enterprise Agreement Licenses - Oracle


Beginning 11 OCT 16, Federal customers will no longer be able to utilize the DOD ESI BPAs for Oracle products and services and are advised to fulfill requirements through other appropriate GWACs. Note that options may be exercised pursuant to FAR clause 52.217-9 Option to Extend the Term of the Contract of which the GSA Information Technology Schedule 70 orders have been placed and awarded prior to 11 OCT 2016.

DOD entities may continue to use the active (Mythics, Affigent, and DLT) DOD ESI BPAs for Oracle products and services pursuant to the Special Solutions CLIN. Under the Special Solutions CLIN, all entities under DOD may procure its Oracle software program license and technical support requirements, provided the software programs are used only in support of the entity's internal business operations. Ordering under this CLIN will be open until 2018; please request the reseller's limited letters of supply for exact dates.

The Oracle Agreement contract W91QUZ-09-A-0001(Affigent) previously managed by the Army is now managed by the Navy. For updated contract information and points of contact please click here to be redirected to: .

Program Name: DEAL-O Vendor: Affigent
13873 Park Center Road
Ste 127
HerndonVA 20171-3248
Award Date: 24 Nov 2008      
Contract Number: W91QUZ-09-A-0001 Business Type: Large Business Expiration Date: 30 Nov 2018

Primary Goods and Services: CHESS has established multiple Enterprise Software Agreements for Oracle software products and support. Products include Oracle database and applications software licenses, software maintenance, support, and consulting services. Also includes BEA, Primavera product lines and some Sun Microsystems products.

Ordering Open To: Department of Defense (DOD) Components, authorized contractors, and all Federal Agencies.

Ordering Instructions: CHESS on behalf of the DOD ESI Program and in partnership with the GSA SmartBUY Program has awarded multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements for Oracle products including licenses, media and software maintenance. The Oracle BPAs were awarded non-competitively against a GSA schedule. Ordering is decentralized. Customers should use their normal contracting shops to process orders in accordance with FAR Part 8. It is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under a BPA and to ensure that the vendor selected represents the best value for the requirement being ordered (see FAR 8.404). DOD Contractors are encouraged to use the ESI agreements when approved by their contracting officer in accordance with FAR 51. Army customers must obtain a waiver if they wish to purchase outside of CHESS.

Points of Contact


CHESS Customer Support Team
Phone: (888) 232-4405


Vendor POC



Contracting Officer
William Huber
Phone: (717) 605-3210
Contracting Specialist
Azariah Ellington
Phone: (619) 553-4536