Veritas Software Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

The CIO/G-6 Enterprise Licensing Division (ELD) has executed a 12 month maintenance-only agreement with vendor Carahsoft Technology Corp. on 30 March 2017. Veritas products will continue to be covered ensuring no operational impact to Army's Veritas infrastructure. Maintenance support on new licenses purchased outside of the previous Army agreements will not be covered and will be the responsibility of the acquiring Command. The Veritas Enterprise Service Agreement (ESA) is structured to include maintenance on Army's existing software inventory, and Army enterprise-wide Veritas business critical support. General inquiries can be sent to: USARMY.PENTAGON.HQDA-CIO-G-6.MBX.PR-ELA-TEAM@MAIL.MIL. The CIO/G-6 ELD POC is: Ms. Danielle Mills
Program Name: Veritas ELA Vendor: Carahsoft Technology Corporation
1860 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 100
RestonVA 14862
Award Date: 31 Mar 2017      
Contract Number: W52P1J-17-F-0020 UEI: Business Type: Small Business Expiration Date: 30 Mar 2018

Primary Goods and Services: This contract establishes an ELA to provide Enterprise Wide Business Critical Support for all current U.S. Army licenses, in the following product families: NetBackup, Backup Exec, Enterprise Vault, Storage Foundation, and Server Management, to include any downloads prior to 2400 hours 29 March 2017 and does not include the procurement of new licenses.

Ordering Open To: Army

Ordering Instructions: At this time Veritas is a maintenance only agreement. New orders cannot be placed via the contract. Questions regarding maintenance and support eligibility should be directed to the CHESS Customer Support Team.


Contract and Modification Files

Veritas Contract

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Jack Ryan
Phone: (703) 673-3504