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ITES-4H Request for Information

The ITES-4H RFI has been posted to the website. Interested parties should follow the link below:

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CB-30 Open

CB-30 will open 13 January 2020 and run through 31 March 2020.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

DoD has determined a high or critical risk associated with a particular entity, product, or service. Procurement officials must ensure that managers of National Security Systems and associated items of supply do not make contract awards that involve any entity, product, or service within the NSS Restricted List. DoD policy and instructions to access the NSS Restricted List can be found at Supply Chain Risk Management.

Small Business Set-Asides (SBSA) on ITES-3H image

Small Business Set-Asides (SBSA) on ITES-3H

Acquisitions over $10,000 (or $20,000 as described in FAR 13.201(g)(1)), but not over $250,000 (or $750,000 as described in paragraph (1) (i) of the simplified acquisition threshold definition at FAR 2.101), are automatically reserved exclusively for small business concerns and shall be set aside for small businesses. To create an SBSA on ITES-3H, to send to 3H small businesses only, check the box: “Is this a small business set aside?” when creating the RFQ. (Reference FAR 19.203 and 19.502)

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Application Migration

Ready to start the Application Migration Process? Have your applications been assessed for Cloud Readiness? Contact the Army Application Migration Business Office (AAMBO) to get access to the Application Migration Pre-Assessment Tool (AAMPT) to begin.

Synaptics Vulnerability Important Announcement image

Synaptics Vulnerability Important Announcement

A potential security vulnerability has been identified with certain versions of Synaptics touchpad drivers that impacts all Synaptics OEM partners. For additional context, see the following Synaptics Security Bulletin: For resolution regarding impacted HPI Federal laptops, see the following HPI Federal Security Bulletin:

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Microsoft JELA III Download Portal

The Microsoft JELA III Download Portal is now available to Authorized Trusted Agents and AGM Download Officials. Access the portal by going to the Microsoft JELA III page located on the CHESS website under Software/Software Agreements.

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FY19 CHESS Event Schedule
Date Event Location Presenter
16-Jan-20 CHESS 101 Briefing DCS Rick Klemencic
28-Jan-20 Conference Common Hardware Systems Program Review/Technical Exchange Tricia Shelley
17-Mar-20 Conference (Tentative) AUSA Global Force Symposium & Expo, Huntsville, AL Tricia Shelley
19-Mar-20 CHESS 101 Briefing DCS Mitsuko Coulby
29-Apr-20 Conference AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days 2020, Gaylord National Harbor Tricia Shelley
21-May-20 CHESS 101 Briefing DCS Jon Smith
16-Jul-20 CHESS 101 Briefing DCS Andrea Zalasky
18-Aug-20 Conference (Tentative) 2020 AFCEA TechNet Augusta, Augusta, GA Tricia Shelley
17-Sep-20 CHESS 101 Briefing DCS Nicole Wilson
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