Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation

Program Name: ACCENT Vendor: Unisys
11720 Plaza America Drive, Tower III
Reston VA 20190
Award Date: 27 Feb 2017      
Contract Number: W52P1J-17-G-0049 Business Type: Large Business Expiration Date: 26 Feb 2020

Primary Goods and Services: The ACCENT ordering vehicle includes services and solutions necessary for DoD organizations to satisfy requirements to migrate enterprise systems/applications to commercial cloud service providers. Commercial cloud services will be acquired based on approved Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) (i.e., those with a DoD Provisional Authorization). ACCENT will also enable capability owners to modernize and transition applications to commercial cloud providers, and facilitate the acquisition of modular or mobile hosting facilities. All ordering on ACCENT must be done through the CHESS IT e-Mart (

Ordering Open To: All DoD Organizations

Ordering Instructions:

Ordering Instructions: Capability Owners will usedecentralized ordering procedures for the acquisition of cloud computingservices. Task Orders (TO) will be issued, funded, and competed among theavailable BOA holders. Specific requirements will be defined in the TOs. TheTOs will be issued by DoD ordering organizations. Information regarding theACCENT BOAs, including links to the prime vendor’s home pages, can be found at:


RFP Tutorial

Contract and Modification Files

Unisys Corporation BOA

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Points of Contact


ACCENT Support
Scott Knudson
Phone: 703-704-2366
ACCENT Support
Mira Patel
Phone: 703-704-4077


Rebecca Dougherty
Phone: (703) 439-5697


Contract Specialist (Primary POC), ACC-RI
Andrew Murphy
Phone: (309) 782-5440
Contracting Officer, ACC-RI
Babette Murphy
Phone: (309) 782-5440