Mobile Devices

Program Name: Microsoft Surface and Wi-Fi Devices Vendor: CounterTrade Products, Inc.
7585 W. 66th Ave.
ArvadaCO 80003
Award Date: 01 May 2015      
Contract Number: CHESS-ALIAS-SVMD-COUNTER Business Type: Small Business Expiration Date: 30 Apr 2025

Primary Goods and Services: Wi-Fi devices offered through the CHESS IT e-mart that have either an Android or Apple IOS Operating system. All devices are Wi-Fi only and have no cellular data plans. To access Enterprise Email from an Apple device, the customer has two options available to them. The customer can provision the device through the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) and participate in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Program using MobileIron at a cost of $7.54/device/month. This will allow the user to connect to DISA Enterprise Email using the native Email client. Customers seeking to have their devices provisioned through DISA for DISA Enterprise Email (DEE) should submit a request to DISA at The second option available to both Apple and Android devices is to purchase a Common Access Card (CAC) reader that can use a secure browser to connect to DEE through Outlook Web Access (OWA). The NETCOM Wireless BPA team and Army CIO/G6 have confirmed that since the devices will not come w/a call order, it is really just a small-form factor computer and not available in a WiFi only mode from the Armys wireless BPA. Microsoft Surface devices offered through the CHESS IT e-mart include Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Pro and accessories.

All of these devices have Windows 10 operating system. None of these devices come preloaded with the AGM image. All devices require local NEC to load appropriate AGM version.These devices are Wi-Fi only and have no cellular data plans or capabilities. Ordering is open to Army, DOD, and other Federal Agencies.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that customers order CAC readers when purchasing these items.

Ordering Open To: Ordering contracting officers within the Army, Department of Defense, and other Federal Agencies are authorized to place orders within the terms of the contract and within the scope of their authority.

Ordering Instructions: The Requiring Activity (RA) seeking to procure mobile devices must ensure that the mobile devices are on the Department of Defense Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (DOD UC APL). The DOD UC APL must be consulted prior to purchasing a system or product. If no listed product meets the requesting organization’s needs, they may sponsor a product for testing that does meet their needs, if the product has an existing category and test requirements. Once a device is identified and meets the DOD UC APL requirements, the RA prepares the delivery order request package and submits it to the local ordering contracting officer. Customers must obtain a Statement of Non-availability from CHESS and/or a Goal 1 Waiver from the CIO/G-6 if they wish to purchase outside of CHESS. See Frequently Asked Questions located under the Resources tab on the main menu bar for further information.

SEWP Contract Numbers:

NNG15SC65B (Group C – Small Business)
NNG15SC05B (Group A – Full & Open OEMs/Manufacturers)
NNG15SC30B (Group D – Full & Open Resellers)

Points of Contact


CHESS Customer Support Team
Phone: (888) 232-4405


Angela Dumm
Phone: (303) 424-9710


NASA SEWP Contracting Officer
Phone: (301) 286-1478