Army Desktop & Mobile Computing - 2

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Program Name: ADMC-2 Vendor: HPI Federal LLC
1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 475
WashingtonDC 20004
Award Date: 24 Apr 2006      
Contract Number: W91QUZ-06-D-0004 Business Type: Large Business Expiration Date: 23 Oct 2020

Primary Goods and Services:

HP Notebooks and Desktops; HP Printers and Imaging Products; HP and third party accessories; Services including installation, extended equipment warranty, site survey, system configuration and integration, image blasting, custom imaging, data migration, asset tagging, and asset tracking.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)code for this contract is 334111, "Electronic Computer Manufacturing".

Ordering Open To: Ordering contracting officers within the Army, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies are authorized to place orders within the terms of the contract and within the scope of their authority.

Ordering Instructions: The ADMC-2 contracts are the Army's mandatory source for the purchase and lease of commodity, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), IT hardware. This includes desktops, notebooks, semi-ruggedized and ruggedized devices, displays, printers, and associated peripherals. All desktop and notebook computers purchased for the Army will be delivered with a CAC reader and be compliant with the latest NETCOM technical requirements to include the Army Golden Master. Services such as installation, site survey, system configuration, asset tagging, image blasting, and custom imaging to support the equipment are also available. Customers must obtain a Statement of Non-availability from CHESS and/or an ITAS Waiver from the CIO/G-6 if they wish to purchase outside of CHESS. See the CHESS FAQ for further information.

Points of Contact


CHESS Customer Support Team
Phone: (888) 232-4405



ACC-Rock Island Contracting Officer
Nathan Acree
Phone: (309) 782-4886
ACC-Rock Island Contracting Specialist
Terry Kraker
Phone: (309) 782-8570


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Todd Leskoski
Phone: (240) 457-2270
Army Carolina, Southeast and Great Lakes
Jonathan Tomevi
Phone: (703) 639-7054
Army Capital Region, Europe, Africa & Middle-East
Jennie Chiang
Phone: (866) 316-8202
Army Midwest & Southwest
Mario Zaragoza
Phone: (877) 325-5515
US Army Carolinas, Southeast & Great Lakes
Allison Hang
Phone: (888) 481-8366
Army Midwest & Southwest
Brian Palermo
Phone: (334) 590-0215
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Neil Ichiki
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Fax: (800) 817-9880
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