ADMC-2 Hardware Contracts

ADMC-3 multiple-award contract has been awarded and performance under the contracts began October 01, 2020 starting with Consolidated Buy 32 (CB-32). As a result, no ADMC-2 requests for quotes will be allowed to be issued after September 30, 2020 and no orders can be awarded after September 30, 2020. In addition, the delivery date for orders cannot extend beyond March 30, 2021.This directive is IAW the ADMC-2 contract modifications, bilaterally executed April 2020, extending the ordering period that included the following: “This extension of the Ordering period is intended to bridge the Army’s ability to purchase hardware until the Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-3 suite of contracts are transitioned and allow for Consolidated Buy-31 to be provided under ADMC-2. The Government will advise all contractors of its intended cut-off-date for the new Delivery Order competitions under the extended ordering period.


The scope of the Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-2 contract includes commodity purchases of commercial off-the-shelf desktops, notebooks, ruggedized and semi-ruggedized devices, personal digital assistants, printers, scanners, power supplies, displays, video teleconferencing equipment (VTC), digital cameras, displays, transit cases and related accessories and upgrades. Limited services include: installation, asset tagging, imaging, site survey, system configuration. Ordering is open to, Army, DOD and other Federal Agencies.

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