Windows 10

Windows 10 Guidance
In compliance with a Deputy Secretary of Defense mandate, the Army is moving systems and equipment running the Microsoft Windows operating system to version 10. This enterprise-wide upgrade will be applied to all existing Windows clients on DoD information networks and all unclassified, Secret and Top Secret collateral information systems, to include: desktops, laptops and tablets; Special Access Program systems; mission systems; strategic, tactical, research and development, and training and evaluation systems; platform information technology; and weapon systems (to the maximum extent practicable). It does not include Windows cell phones or Microsoft Server operating systems. For more information please visit the CIO/G-6 Windows 10 Transition website: Army Golden Master has released the SHB-A Windows 10 and is available on the Insight download portal. For questions or additional information regarding how Windows 10 relates to the Army Golden Master (AGM), please contact Army NETCOM HQ AGM Support at